Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Recap

Does Friday count as the weekend? I have to start there. I was up early watching the news when I saw that people were already lining up at the Apple store for the new iPhone, scheduled to be released at 8 am.

TS had been saving up, and I had promised him I'd take him to the store early in the morning. I was thinking maybe 7 am. But now I was worried, as I couldn't wait in line all day; I had to get back to take DD to camp by 9 am.

[This would be the time to tell you that my husband is away racing at NHMS this weekend, hence me running around like a chicken with her head cut off. Well, I do that when he's here, too. It's just my standard mode.]

I woke TS, and we were at the mall by 6:20. The line at the Apple store was maybe 35 deep. TS was just starting to count when a very kind security guard tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Come with me. They're also being sold at the AT&T store upstairs, and no one is in line there." Long story short, he was 6th in line; he got the phone; and I got DD to camp on time.

Our friends from out of town stopped in on Friday for dinner. We loved seeing them and catching up. DD and her old friend reconnected instantly. TS went out to the movies with a friend. We all went to bed by 10 pm.

Saturday was a lazy day with errands and our first crack at getting TS packed up for sleepaway camp. It wasn't pretty. In fact, I'll go take a picture of how we left things. Six days and counting until he leaves. I don't know how the packing and labeling will get done, but it will. It was definitely time for a glass of wine and dinner. It had cooled off enough so the kids and I could eat dinner on the deck and then play in the backyard for a while. I also took the opportunity to clean off the grill racks. Yup, that was my Saturday night.

Meanwhile, in NH, my husband had won his race!!! I asked the kids what we should do for Dad to congratulate him. "Bacon," they replied, so bacon it will be, one morning after he returns.

This morning, I was up early again (thank you, loud cat) so I went for a run before dropping DD off for her camp field trip. She was going to the Big Apple Circus in Rhode Island, and she was very excited. The rest of the morning and afternoon, I read the Globe, ran an errand, worked on my website, cooked a few new things, and hung out with TS.

GOOD NEWS FLASH: TS just paid me the $208 he owed me for the iPhone.

BAD NEWS FLASH: He has forbidden me from taking a picture of "his stuff," so there will be no picture of the disaster that is the camp packing zone.

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