Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What do Alison Sweeney and Ham and Egg Sandwiches Have in Common?

I thought that might get your attention.

Tonight for dinner, I repeated the Lean Egg and Ham Sandwiches that I'd made and blogged about in February, though I simplified the process by not heating the ham and not using parsley tonight (that's a picture from last time). We got home from DD's lacross game after 6 pm, and I need to get dinner on the table quickly. Once again, these sandwiches came through. I served them with fruit salad, and the crowd was very happy.

Now, back to that title. As my husband was eating his second Ham and Egg sammy, he murmured, "These are marvelous." The last time I heard him use that adjective, he was watching Biggest Loser. Host Alison Sweeney appeared, looking, well, like only Alison Sweeney can. "She's marvelous," he purred.

I'm not sure if I should be green with envy or happy that he enjoyed his dinner so much.

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