Saturday, May 16, 2009

I need a personal chef!

I have been crazy busy the last two weeks... business is going very well and I've been swamped with more evening activities than usual.

As a result, my family has been forced to (gasp!) order pizza, eat fast food, make sandwiches and look forlornly at each other at dinnertime, wondering if they'd ever have another home-cooked meal or fresh vegetable (well, they wondered about the meals. I don't think any of them were overly concerned about the lack of vegetables).

These last two weeks illustrated to me the challenges many families face at dinnertime, and it made made me long for my own personal chef. How great it would have been for them (and me) to open the fridge at dinnertime and find a delicious meal all ready to eat.

Now that things have calmed down for a couple of days, I've taken the opportunity to plan our week's meals and grocery shop, and I'm going to prepare a few meals so we'll be all set for the week to come. I'd still love my own personal chef, but I'm also secretly very happy that my picky teenage son requested the Sirloin Stir-Fry tonight (see blog post from April 26) and that I can get back to providing the dinners that they love. As my husband reminded me, "I just want dinner to magically appear in front of me at 6:15." Consider it done.


chefchick said...

Hey Martha;

Patti A said the same thing the other day, and I told her we need a personal chef exchange program. (Or like a culinary Red Rover game: "Red rover, red rover, send christine on over, with 3 fresh homemade meals that will feed my family".) Maybe we rotate cooking for each other every couple of months? :-)

Btw, I was googling "roasted vegetable ratatouille" b/c I wanted a different version for my client, and found your recipe here. Sounds yummy!


Martha said...

Christine, I think we should give that idea a try. Let's see who else we can enlist...