Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas countdown!

Can you believe it's only 20 days 'til Christmas? I feel pretty organized this year:

- Almost all gifts have been purchased and wrapped; just a few more to get
- Designed cards on and have picked them up
- Just printed labels for cards
- House is as decorated as it's going to get!
- Have some holiday hors d'oeuvres made and in the freezer, ready to bake off before the neighborhood party on Sunday
- Ditto some holiday cookie dough made and in the freezer, ready to bake, though I know I'll be making some other varieties as the days go by
- Just ordered 2 Edible Arrangements to be delivered to special people next week

Hubby and DD are getting the tree on Saturday and the kids will decorate that; I need to write a few checks for mailman, newspaper delivery guy and so on; I need to write out my business holiday cards; DD and I need to plan the Christmas Eve dinner... I think we're in good shape.

How about you?

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