Saturday, May 15, 2010

Seafood and Vegetable Kebabs (and lunch the next day!)

Tonight's dinner was unplanned, made without a recipe, and absolutely delicious. In fact, it was the kind of meal I wish I could find on a restaurant menu, but I can't.

I was in the mood for scallops and shrimp tonight, so I picked some up at the fish counter this afternoon during my Saturday grocery shopping. Around 5 pm, I rummaged through the vegetable drawer and found half an onion, a few bell pepper pieces and a zucchini, which I chopped and marinated in olive oil, vinegar and some olive paste I had in the fridge. I tossed the seafood with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon zest and let it sit while I preheated the grill.

Everything was grilled to perfection in under 10 minutes: my ideal restaurant meal, right in my own backyard. Life is good.

Editing to add - I turned the leftover shrimp and scallops into a "Poor Man's Lobster Roll" for lunch the next day. I chopped the seafood, added a stalk of finely chopped celery, a squeeze of lemon, a scant tablespoon of mayonnaise, salt and pepper and spooned it into a buttered, toasted hot dog roll. Life is good for a second day in a row!

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