Monday, May 3, 2010

Cold-brewed iced coffee

Iced coffee is my a.m. drink of choice this time of year (and peanut butter toast is my breakfast year-round, in case you wondered). I love Starbucks' iced coffee, and Ann at my local Starbucks makes it just the way I like: mostly decaf, a splash of caffeinated coffee and a splash of soy milk. It's the perfect drink to get me through a hot morning of cooking.

When I'm home, I seldom make iced coffee. But this low-tech method was so appealing, I had to give it a try. I made up a batch (OK, two batches) over the weekend and enjoyed my first cold-brewed iced coffee this morning. Good stuff!

I started with Starbucks ground decaf, a couple of empty jars and a measuring cup. The straining part was a bit messy; next time I won't strain twice because it didn't seem necessary. I also didn't find it necessary to mix in any water when I made my drink. I just poured the coffee into a glass full of ice cubes, added a splash of soy milk, and was good to go.

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