Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Ohhh la la, these were yummy; so yummy that Hubby was confused: "These taste so good, they must be bad for you, but they're not, right?" Right.

Because I used skinless chicken tenders, which I sauteed and tossed with hot sauce, we forfeited the calories that are usually associated with deep-fried chicken wings, but got all the flavor.

I had intended to stuff the wraps with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes and shredded carrots and serve them at room temperature, but I knew hubby and son would like them better if I 86ed the veggies and served them hot. So I heated up the panini press and the "Grilled" Buffalo Chicken Wrap was born.

No real recipe to share, but here's what I did.

Sprinkle 1 lb. chicken tenderloins with Montreal Chicken Seasoning. Saute in 1 T. canola oil for about 3 minutes per side, or until done.

Slice tenders lengthwise and toss in a bowl with about 2 T. Frank's Hot Sauce.

Have 4 warm flour tortillas ready. For each wrap, place a couple of pieces of prosciutto on the tortilla. Then lay a couple of pieces of the chicken on top of the prosciutto. Sprinkle with some blue cheese. Roll up. Place on hot panini press and grill for a minute, or until grill marks appear and cheese begins to melt. Slice in half and serve with a side salad or some carrots and celery sticks with Ranch dip.

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