Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time to Put Thoughts into Action

I'm back home with a list a mile long of incredible ideas I got from the Symposium, as well as a few loads of dirty laundry. I've already started working on both.

Some of my immediate action items include:

* contacting graphic artist to help me design a logo and new business cards (I did my original ones on MS Word and they're OK but not professional-looking)
* sending quick emails to local papers with ideas for feature stories
* taking better pictures of my dishes, and posting those pictures on my website
* following up with the new gym about speaking there one afternoon
* submitting my URL to the major search engines
* adding keywords to my website for search engine optimization

My very first priority, though, is to go to the grocery store. The family has been living off fast food and Fritos since I left. I whipped up Whole Wheat Spaghetti and Meatballs last night, with a salad from what we had left in the fridge, and their gratitude reminded me of why I love to cook.

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karens said...

Hi Martha, My son is a graphic artist and did all my work. Look at his web site at:
maybe he could help you out